Let’s start with what you hate as a recruiter or sales professional:

  1. You don’t like data entry and bureaucracy
  2. You don’t like cold calling
  3. You don’t like to go through endless long lists of candidates and prospects
  4. You don’t like a nagging boss who only cares about your results
  5. You don’t like a bonus scheme you never get
  6. You don’t like an agency where they try to pay you as little as possible

What is it you really like?

  1. You want to work with the coolest recruitment apps which do all the boring work for you
  2. You would love a recruitment app doing all the contacting of candidates and clients for you
  3. You want a long list of candidates within a couple of minutes, not days or weeks
  4. You would love to work in a recruitment agency where they care about you
  5. You would love to work in a recruitment agency where they have a state-of-the-art training program
  6. You would love to have a caring boss helping you to achieve star quality 🙂
  7. You would love to work in a company where they try to maximize your salary

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