“How can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining? What makes the world go round? How can you mend a this broken man? How can a loser ever win? Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again”…How Can You Mend a Broken Heart by Al Green

A broken heart… I guess we’ve all had one at some point.  But what is it, exactly? Here are my thoughts and experience…

A broken heart is the feeling that your heart is empty, or no longer there. People tell me that surely my heart can never feel empty, because I have two wonderful daughters, a mother, family, etc.
And you know, that’s true, they belong to me and my heart. But having feelings for someone from the “outside” is different and feels also different. Because that’s my decision, or rather from my heart 🙂

I hear often enough that I should use my head for these decisions. Both the head and the heart should be on the same page. Boy, that’s hard… And even then, who’s right? My heart and my feelings? Or my head?
Both can lead to a broken/empty heart.

When it comes to love, I’ve only ever listened to my heart and my feeling, and what did it lead to? Yes, a broken heart.
Now I’m thinking, do these two things not work out for me? And why not? Who knows…

My head is saying, if only you listened to me… I’ve done that once before and the outcome wasn’t any different. Maybe next time, then, sweet head of mine 🙂 Or maybe not… because sometimes you should follow your heart!

Love is its own world inside your heart, not inside your head.


PS Do not give up. It’s amazing how things can turn themselves around.

Often what feels like the end of the world is really a challenging pathway to a far better place.

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