And it’s the voices in your head now
Saying there’s something wrong about the way I feel
A broken link, a missing part, a punctured wheel

And it’s not what you’re expecting
The way the world you built loves to cut you down
The way your head gets twisted
And you sit up all night trying to figure it out….. The way I feel by Keane

I hear a lot of people say: I have my life figured out………. That bothers me so much! 🙂 Like reeaaally? If that’s true, then why are you posting unhappy messages on social media, why are you on a dating site, why are you always so negative… etc.

People are afraid to speak honestly about how they really feel. Being happy or sad is a part of life. Let me tell you that in the real world, no one cares about your feelings… so you might as well share them, as they are yours to live with for however long you choose!

Whenever I feel bad, I cry it off and go for a walk… might sound weird but it works. The tears clear my feelings, and the outside air clears my head 😉 Just put your bad feelings out there. Give your bad feeling free rein, go screaming, stamping, let everything go …. you can also write everything down… who or what you don’t like, what worries you… and the feelings you have. That way you can also process everything.

Oooooh and another thing, go try all the cute dresses and shoes you can find… then you will immediately feel like a princess 🙂 I also regularly buy myself flowers, they’re genuine mood lifters and I feel happy.


PS Don’t be afraid to cry. Tears can heal a broken heart. Believe in yourself, you matter!

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