One of my clients needed an IT Manager. And I found the best. Really. He was 55.  The Hiring Manager, Peter,  didn’t want to even have an interview with him. Too old. I told Peter that if he didn’t interview him I would stop the search. So Peter agreed to see him and guess what….he was hired on spot.

They also needed Financial Managers…and also in these cases they hired people being older than their maximum age ranges…. I think that putting age limits companies deprive themselves from having the option to get the best of the best professionals they need. I think that you are not recruiting for a certain age, your are recruiting for getting the best professionals on board.

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  • Hi, Gerard, I’ m 55 and having also another ‘handicap’, being “overqualified”.. therefore not mentioning age in my CV and deleting MBA and some 10 years of experience sometimes.. don’ t worry, just to testing my recruiter..
    your article shows why there is no place for superficial individuals in your line of business, as this CTQ attitude is passed on to your clients,
    keeping in mind client’s job’s requirements is very challenging for someone that will never understand a level of CV by education, experiences and skills much beyond her/his own.
    Rising to that level makes a recruiter successful.

  • You are so right Sorin…


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