Many of our new recruiters, but also several of our team leaders are convinced that our Key Performance Indicators are impossible to reach. 

If you are faced with sheer impossible to reach KPI’s, what is it you can do?

  1. Investigate the KPI’s, find out why they are what they are. The moment you have an understanding of why they are on this impossible level, you might find answers on how to reach them
  2. Investigate if there are colleagues (recruiters in your department, other offices, countries) who fulfill these KPI’s
  3. If you find colleagues who fulfill them: ask them what they do, how they do it, get useful tips & tricks from them
  4. If you know that colleagues fulfill them, then you know you can fulfill them as well, right?
  5. Don’t worry that you can’t fulfill them (yet), give yourself time to learn and gain experience
  6. Ask your colleagues, team leader, managers, the partners of the company for tips & tricks
  7. Ask for more recruitment tools, for best practices which will make it possible for you to reach the KPI’s
  8. Ask for help, all the help you can get: training, coaching, support….
  9. Believe in yourself and know that if other recruiters can, you can!
  10. Go the extra mile, when you are in a learning process you need to invest extra time. As much as you possibly can. And remember, you do this for yourself, not for the company, not for your colleagues but totally for yourself

We face this problem in all the countries where we operate in, in all our offices. 

We have recruiters, around 40%, who meet the KPIs regularly, most of the time. And 60% who don’t. The dynamics around this are very interesting:

  1. The 40% of recruiters who do are usually in the same teams,
  2. The 60% of recruiters who don’t, do not mix with the 40% successful recruiters,
  3. The 40% of recruiters that reach the KPIs, take responsibility for not fulfilling their KPI’s and they take additional action
  4. The 60% of the recruiters tend to blame circumstances and do not see the solutions (yet) to overcome the difficulties,
  5. 40% is more experienced and master many more recruitment techniques
  6. 40% is prepared to take more risks and to make more mistakes.

What can we do to help our 60% of colleagues?

  1. To support them, to trust them and to appreciate their efforts, even if they don’t reach yet the KPI’s
  2. To gently and patiently show the way and to believe in our recruiters,
  3. To teach all the tools, to train all the recruitment know-how we have (and that is a lot)
  4. To explain into great detail the making of the KPI’s, to explain all the in’s and out’s…why do we have them, how did we get to them, how others reach them, what is in it for the recruiter [..why the hack should I reach them?:-)))]
  5. To constantly develop new tools, new tips & tricks to make it easier and easier to reach the KPI’s

And then, in the end, everybody will reach the KPI’s 

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