Where our thoughts bring us, is where we are.

This implies that the quality of our thoughts is crucial. If we think positive, joyful, blissful, energetic, encouraging stuff it means that is where we are.

If we think angry stuff, if we have jealous thoughts, if we envy other people, if we are full of grief, frustration, and resentment, then that is where we are.

The cool thing is, that nobody but ourselves decides what we think. Under all circumstances, we are totally free of what we want to think. No matter how the world is treating us. we make the final decision of what we think.

And because we have this choice…I suggest that you think about great things, think about awesome things.


Because thinking awesome things, no matter the circumstances, make you feel and be awesome.

Easier said than done if you are facing major setbacks. So how can you stay totally focused on positivism, joy, and bliss while your world seems to be on fire?

Easier than you might think, but it requires awareness and training:

  1. Whatever happens in your life, let it be true, accept it, don’t fight it
  2. Whenever a negative thought pops-up, stop it and think positive
  3. Count your blessings as often as you can
  4. Be grateful for all what happens in your life (including your set-backs – be explicitly grateful for them)
  5. Understand that every set-back is for a purpose and is for the good of you
  6. Have faith that even if you can’t see yet what the advantage could possibly be; this set-back is for your benefit and embrace it with gratitude

When you dwell in problems, you and your life are problematic

When you see opportunities in every set-back your life is full of opportunity

When you see the world as a dangerous violent place, you immediately live in a dangerous and violent place

When you see the world and your life as one beautiful, exciting place and adventure, at that moment you are living in a beautiful and exciting world

When you think that your business, your job is tough, relentless, competitive, difficult, exhausting, mean you will have exactly that in your career.

When you think that your business is awesome, that it offers you great opportunities, that your clients, your candidates, and colleagues are just awesome, that is the way your career will be

Do you see? The Choice Is Yours and Yours Only

Nobody else can make this choice for you.



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