I see around me two kind of recruiters.

The first kind is constantly asking for help and feedback from their colleagues who are on their level of skills and performance or under their level. They avoid asking advise from the best. They only ask for advice those colleagues whom they know they will be easy going and not sharing the real stuff. Why do they do so?

They think it is painful to hear all the things that they can improve

It makes them feel bad and most of all, it requires a lot of thinking and a lot of extra action. And when you ask a colleague being on your level or under your level of skills and performance you will never ever be challenged. Further, these type of recruiters tend not to ask feedback but to seek for all kinds of reasons why they can’t fulfill their vacancies. And this is what they share among each other:

  1. The client doesn’t give me feedback
  2. There are no candidates
  3. The salary is not good enough
  4. The job and the company are not good enough
  5. My database is not good enough
  6. LinkedIn sucks
  7. The competition is messing with my candidates
  8. The client does not want to take my candidates
  9. My recruitment manager does not understand me
  10. I don’t have enough time
  11. There are no candidates (I hear this often)
  12. The profile is too complicated
  13. Salary and profile don’t match
  14. This list is sheer endless

It is obvious that if you level with this kind of colleagues, using this kind of language, you are increasing your dissatisfaction and you are radically decreasing your personal success rate in recruitment.

The other type of recruiters ask their colleagues who are much better than they are.

And although this is often quite uncomfortable they love to get the input as this input tells them how and what they can do in order to improve their output.

Because winners take responsibility, losers give blame.

And you don’t want to communicate with people in this category because you get the advice of what losers do. And as you want to be a winner you’ll ask what winners do.

Asking a star in recruitment of what you can do better results in:

  1. An overview of all your mistakes
  2. An overview of all the things you can improve
  3. A lot of extra work
  4. Needed changes in attitude, in action
  5. Needed changes in the way you are used to work

Stars will lead you the way to your BIG TIME success.

And you know who I ask for advice? Cristina Savuica, Danka Berceniova, Florian Gheorghe, Anna Michurina & others. Why?

Because they always tell me when my approach or idea sucks and how I should do them better. It always feels uncomfortable but you know, when they are right they are right and I rather take their advice before I make the mistake. I love their input because it makes me feel supported and it makes me enhance my skills and that is the most beautiful thing of all, as it brings fulfillment.

Who do you ask for advice next time?

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