Most books I read are telling me that in order to be successful I have to go outside of my comfort zone. But I don’t buy this.

95%+ of our work is done within our comfort zone. For being awesomely successful it is enough just to excel in all you do within your comfort zone.

If you are a recruiter, what should be your Comfort Zone?

  1. That you love to search for candidates over the internet, in databases…
  2. You love to call strangers with job offers and as many as you possibly can…
  3. You love to interview candidates as many as you possibly can…
  4. You love to add as many candidates as possible to your personal network…
  5. You love to maintain regular contact with all your candidates through nice messages, at least twice a month…
  6. You love to post articles on your blog and in all your social media pages…
  7. You love to work with your clients and be in close contact with them…

So before you start to work as a recruiter, make sure these items are totally within your comfort zone. If you are shy or afraid to communicate with unknown candidates and clients, if you can’t stand feedback, if you don’t see the relevance of doing as many interviews with candidates as you can (at least 80 per month), if you are not willing to built and maintain a network of candidates within your own database and on social media: than recruitment is not your thing!

But if you totally like all of this, if you are help driven, if you have a drive to meet new people, to help them out; the only thing you need to do is to enhance these skills. And that is easy because you are operating fully in your comfort zone.

The cool thing about enhancing your skills within your comfort zone is:

It goes without any extra-ordinary effort. You develop yourself (and your salary) in a smooth and natural way. You’ll love it.

Further, when you are getting awesome within your comfort zone….your comfort zone automatically expands itself.

No hassle, no struggle, no need to fight!!!

In short, my advice to you is to stay in your comfort zone, focus on enhancing your skills and success is yours.

Good Luck




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