At Lugera, we are working at a Dynamic Investment Algorithm. It is an innovative tool for recruitment agencies to maximize their revenue and profits.

We started to design this tool as we found out, after extensive analyses that we lost, unnecessary, 4 million euro of turnover. We just missed out on it. We did not deliver while we had the confirmed orders for vacancies from our clients.

How come we missed 4 million euro? And how can we prevent this?

Our success rate was simply too low due to the fact that we did not have enough delivery capacity. And we did not take the necessary actions to increase our delivery capacity on short/immediate notice.

How can we prevent this?

To have a smart analytical tool which can give us an intelligent forecast of how much we can invest into additional recruitment tools/delivery capacity in order to maximize our turnover and profit. In short: how to increase substantially our success rate while not overspending in sourcing.

If you want to know more about this please do contact me.

Good luck!

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