Many of my colleagues are scared to death to make mistakes. They are ashamed, they would love to hide them. But guess what, mistakes are valuable lessons. They are the BIG necessity for GROWTH. For personal development. No pain, no gain. Or so they say in the GYM.

A colleague of mine did a payment on a wrong account. She was so shocked. Did whatever she could to get the money back, which she managed. And cried when she told me. I promised her a beautiful perfume (which she still has to receive but she is now on maternity leave).

My colleagues recently lost a tender by making some mistakes in pricing. We discussed it, we learned from it and next time we will not make such mistake anymore.

Work needs mistakes because work needs improvements. Work needs risk taking and you can’t expect that all the new stuff you’ll do goes error-less from the beginning. No risks, no mistakes, no growth, no development…..

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