You might feel that you don’t have much influence on what is happening in your life. Waves of emotions, despair, helplessness come over you. Seemingly uncontrollable. But this is not necessary. You can take over control.

  1. Set your goals. Short term, for the day and week ahead. Mid term, for the months ahead and long term, for the years ahead.
  2. Know what to do and know what NOT to do. Setting goals makes the choice easy of what you should do and what not. It gives an easy direction for all your actions.
  3. Take responsibility of what happens in your life. When you do so you put yourself in control. You give yourself the power to change and improve.
  4. Don’t blame others or circumstances of what happens to you. If you blame others or blame circumstances (politics, weather, colleagues, competitors, suppliers, enemies….) you put yourself at its/their mercy. You make yourself powerless.
  5. Understand nothing is positive, nothing is negative. Accept life, accept all what ‘happens’ to you without your judgment. Detach from every outcome. This way you are independent of everything.
  6. Know that you can achieve everything you want in life. No matter what has happened, no matter what happens today.
  7. Get an in-depth of understanding of your ‘problem’. Once you know the real problem you’ll get answers.
  8. Define solutions on every problem you encounter. When you know the problem you’ll always find the answers, even it will require effort from you.
  9. Commit to action. Once you know your problems and you know the solutions you only have to take action on this and you know the solution is within reach.
  10. Understand there are no such things as problems. Everything you experience in your life is made up by you.
  11. You give everything a label, give it a label you like. Everything, really every thing what you see, feel, hear gets a label from you: nice, dirty, beautiful, cool, crazy, scary, cold, warm, loud, ugly, charming, bad…. use labels you like, they’ll energize you.
  12. Understand that set-backs are the necessary steps you have to take in order to reach your ‘excellence’.
  13. Fear is an illusion. Understand you don’t need any fear in your life. Do what you feel you have to do and do not let fear keep you away from what must be done.

Most important I would say is to understand the ‘problems’ which are seemingly holding you back. Get to know these into detail. Identify all what needs to be done to solve them. And commit to action.

I saw a short video from somebody I don’t remember his name. He asked:

  1. Do you have a problem? Yes? Can you solve it? Yes? Why worry than?
  2. Do you have a problem? No? Why worry than?
  3. Do you have a problem? Yes? Can you solve it? No? Why worry than?

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