For most recruiters (placing 1 to 2 candidates per month) it seems impossible to do 4+ placements. Not because they don’t have the skills. But because they think they can’t do more.

And their mind produces “convincing” arguments to support limiting believes:

  1. The labor market is tight, there are no c
  2. Clients don’t give feedback
  3. The profile/salary/company are not competitive

You recognize these arguments? There are many more, the mind is creative…..but…..

Recruiters doing 4 to 8 and even more placements per month think differently.

  1. They set ambitious goals
  2. They believe in themselves they will achieve these goals
  3. They take relentless action
  4. They find solutions for the above mentioned problems
  5. They go the extra mile
  6. And if necessary the extra marathon

So, my dearest recruiter, if your mind is telling you it’s impossible…don’t believe it.


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