I think that we should not believe everything we are thinking:-)))))

Take our recruiters in Kiev and Lviv. Last year most of the team thought that more than 2 placements in permanent staffing was impossible. And because they believed this they were not able to do more than 2 placements.

Then, Kseniia (our recruitment manager) and Anastasiya (our partner and GM for Ukraine) came. And they changed everything. They changed the thinking of the recruitment team. And guess what.

Viktoria, in her second month with us, did 20 placements in June. And she is not the only one doing so extremely well. Nearly all recruiters are now doing 5+ placements per month.

What Anastasiya and Kseniia did:

  1. Kseniia applied our Strategy 40 (great recruitment training)
  2. Anastasiya implemented a very generous bonus system (even a junior recruiter can do EUR 2,500 per month)
  3. The thinking was changed. Now everybody knows that 20 placements per month is possible too….

3 changes, meticulously and relentlessly executed, and a world of difference. 115 placements in stead of 20 placements….

A new way of thinking and tremendously different results.

When recruiters think they can’t, the result will be that they don’t. When your recruiters think they can, they will:-))))

So, if you think in negatives, don’t believe what you’re thinking.


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