A Sad Story from our receptionist; a real-life example about how we realize our own fears, how we get what we don’t want….

One of the receptionists in our Bucharest office, a wonderful young lady, in her mid-twenties, surprised us all.

She was asked to enter some 30 to 40 CV’s of selected candidates into our TalentBase (regular part of her daily job).

In the afternoon, before leaving the office, she did just 8 CV’s. Why so little? She should have had time enough to enter all the 37 CV’s.

She answered “one of the recruiters told me that we all would be fired anyhow so why to do my best?”

Her fear of being fired decided her to do a bad job. And the only logical reason why she could be fired is exactly that: doing a bad job.

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. What you fear you attract into your life. If you fear and focus on what you do not want…you will have what you fear and do not want.

We didn’t fire her of course and we hope very much that she will understand that it is much more rewarding to do a great job 🙂


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