Probably the biggest difference between successful people and not-so-successful people is that successful people see opportunities where as the rest of us see only problems.

You only have to focus on problems and impossibilities to have them.

You only have to focus on solutions and possibilities to have them as well.

It’s a choice and how funny is this? Because we might be inclined to think that problems and set-backs occur to us, that they come from outside. But nothing is less true. We are the creators of our set-backs and problems.

Which is good news. Because if we are the source of all what happens to us, it means that we can also do something about it.

A simple example: one of my colleagues told me that none of her potential candidates on LinkedIn have an interest in her vacancy. Because nobody replied to her inmail. I asked whether she was sure they read it? No she said, they might not even have read the message. I asked her is she called them. She: I don’t have their phone number. Me: but you know for which company they are working and where….why don’t you google the company, get the phone number and call them?

It is a simple opportunity to be aware of: “If I want to speak to a candidate who does not read his inmail, I can google his company and call him directly”.

Another colleague, who had a long list of potential candidates with name, e-mail and phone number came back with the message that nobody is interested in the vacancy. I asked why? She said that she had send everybody at least 3 e-mails and nobody responded. I asked if she called them. No I didn’t, because when they don’t respond to my e-mails I assume they are not interested.

Both persons don’t think in solutions and opportunities. They think in problems.

These are very simple examples. But what if the country you are working in, is in a very big financial crisis? Or your company is having tough times? Or the labor market is not having enough IT candidates? Or you  can’t find the candidates you need for your clients?

How do I solve these problems?

Just like in the examples.

First of all…these things are no problems but circumstances. And these circumstances are the reason why clients come to you to find them the candidates they need. So after all, the problem is not a problem but an opportunity for you to create added value. To do your work.

Second, problems are only problems if you make them a problem. At the core of every problem there is a world of opportunity. Look for it and you will find it.

Third, be pro-active and take responsibility. Don’t blame circumstances, don’t whine. Be a winner and move forward.

Fourth…if you can’t get to a solution, ask people who know the solutions (so don’t ask your colleague whiner but go to the people who really know) and there are plenty of them in your company.

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