As important as the Candidate Experience is your Customer’s Experience.

Is this your customer?

Or this one?

It’s all up to YOU!

To make your customer jump from happiness is very very easy.

First of all it is very easy because most recruiters and sales people (at other agencies) constantly seem to irritate their clients. So if you are nice and if you have a great YES attitude, being always positive and smiling you already made a huge difference.

Secondly, why it is easy, is that most recruiters and sales people (at other agencies) constantly irritate their clients with telling them ‘NO’: this is not possible, we can’t do this, this is against our policy, we have never done this before, I’m sorry but we will deliver candidates much later than promised, we first have to sign a contract before we can start our search….

The only thing you have to do is to say YES we’ll do it the way you want it…and do it the way the client wants it….and the big surprise: if you do what it is your clients want you don’t have to be cheap. You can ask for a good price…which your client loves to pay to you.

Third, why it is easy, is that most recruiters and sales people (at other agencies) speak to their clients in problems and impossibilities. They complain to their clients that their company is not good enough to attract the best candidates, that the salary is not good enough, that the labor market does not offer good candidates etc. etc. etc. Bad attitude recruiters and sales people have an endless list of complaints and do you think this makes a client happy?

Sure not!

Do you think this complaining will motivate the client to pay you a good fee?

Sure not!

Making your client jump from happiness is very easy because you are not like that. You smile and you offer your clients solutions for every problem or challenge. You take your client by the hand, you give great advice, you go the extra mile, you go the extra marathon and you solve each and every problem, big and small.

Is it difficult to solve all your client’s problems?

Not at all.

Why not?

Even if you don’t know the solution you are with 400 other colleagues and there is always somebody who knows: your colleague, your manager, your manager’s manager, your country manager, the partners….there is always somebody you can turn to to help you with great solutions….

So….who are you? This person:


Or this one?


Or better asked: who do you want to be? and are you prepared to do what it takes? to have a YES attitude, be always positive and smiling…!!!!

Because a ‘NO’-attitude and being negative leads you to a dead-end street (and career)

The choice is yours and the choice is for failure (NO attitude) or for success (YES attitude).

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