2018 is a perfect year to turn your infinite potential into great results.

The staffing markets in many countries are just perfect:

Most companies are looking for staff, many countries have opened their labor markets for other nationalities.  Sourcing candidates (on the internet) has never been so easy as it is now. More and more very cool recruitment apps are available…

If you want to be successful in recruitment, 2018 can definitely be YOUR year!

There is a challenge though……

The Candidate’s Journey!

Many candidates now have a lot of choice. They are approached by many recruiters all the time (especially candidates in IT).

Is this bad for you? Not at all. This gives you plenty of possibilities to make a positive difference in the Candidate’s Journey or Candidate’s Experience (today’s hottest topic in the recruitment world).

With a candidate’s journey is meant the entire communication flow with your candidates. It is the way you make them feel about you and your company. It is about what you do for your candidates (and what you don’t). How good you are for them.

Because if you give legendary service to your candidates, which means they have a wonderful experience with you, you make a positive difference and you’ll place more candidates than you dare to dream of.


So how can you establish an awesome Candidate Journey?

This is much easier than you think and I am sure that all you will read here you actually know. But knowing how to do it does not always mean that you also put it into practice.

Here is what you already know:-)

The Short List:

Be grateful, help-driven, totally nice, knowledgeable and fast. Active and pro-active. Lovely, caring, fast, precise and be your most beautiful self.

The Long List:

  1. Be grateful towards your candidates, show your gratitude
  2. Smile when talking with them over the phone, when meeting with them
  3. Be crystal clear about the jobs you can offer them
  4. Discuss all your possible clients with your candidates
  5. React within a day on ALL incoming applications  and e-mails from your candidates
  6. Return missed calls within a couple of hours
  7. Be totally knowledgeable about the client, the job and all its features
  8. Reject your candidates without delay, in person
  9. You can’t help your candidates? Refer other agencies to them, give them an overview
  10. Share all your relevant job offers and let your candidate choose (don’t choose for them)
  11. Share salary information with your candidates
  12. Share tips & tricks for the application process
  13. Have 1 or 2 specializations so that you speak the language of your candidates
  14. Have at least 1,000 potential candidates in your network
  15. Maintain your network with regular (at least twice a month) information shots
  16. Offer all the help you can when asked for
  17. Give special attention to all your placed candidates, ongoing
  18. Engage your candidates, ask them for referrals
  19. Be your most beautiful self

This list is endless…it is so easy to be great for a candidate. Besides that it is easy, it’s fun, fulfilling, & rewarding. And it helps you to place as many candidates as you like:-)

Good luck!


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