The wind of change…Blows straight into the face of time…Like a storm wind that will ring the freedom bell…For peace of mind…Let your balalaika song…What my guitar wants to say……Scorpions – Wind Of Change

I take a stroll outside with the wind blowing through my hair.
My thoughts are carried by the wind. They dance around in the air and get a nice freshening up. It’s high time to tidy up the house of my thoughts. 🙂 I cannot change the past, but I can determine the future with my current thoughts! I am grateful to my past, because it has taken me to where I am now.

During my stroll in the nice wind, I pondered on the words “having to/must”. We use them so much, as do I, to my children and also to myself… Did you know that these words actually indicate that you are not at liberty to choose? So it would make a lot more sense to not use these weird words “have to/must” 🙂 Because if I have the liberty to choose, then I could never do anything wrong, right?

What I find very important is to love yourself, to respect yourself and being grateful for your life. If you too choose to do that, because it is a choice, then you open yourself up to miracles! Try to look into the mirror every day and say: “I love myself and I accept myself for who I am!” Forgive and forget all those who have wronged you. They were probably scared and all they could do unto you was what they have learned and what was done unto them.

Our goal here on earth is to learn the various lessons needed to grow spiritually.

And believe me, honey, there is love all around you and people are friendly. You can receive everything as long as you believe and have no fear.


PS Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Dalai Lama

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