“I am so super, pupper, drupper; I am the front girl in round; I am so cool with my fashion pink lipstick” Serebro song

You should act the way you want to, not the way others want you to! How crazy is it that I am realising this now, at age 43… I always tried to live according to the rules that were not mine. Many people fall into this trap, without realising that the rules they live by aren’t their own. This is something we were taught from childhood, obediently following the rules of our parents 🙂 Of course that is necessary, but I am noticing with my 16-year old daughter that she wants to explore her own rules, and I support her completely. This, though, was unheard of during my own childhood. We had our parental rules, our school rules, work rules, environment rules … but where did my personal rules go?

It helps to stop and ponder on questions like: Who am I? What do I want? And then answer those questions in your own words and with your own feelings, instead of someone else’s like your mother. This isn’t easy, I know. I am … years old, as you know 😉 and sometimes I’m looking for my true self with my own rules. Because there are many different ME’s: the working- ME, the mother-ME, the going-out ME…. but why can’t I just combine all those personas into one? I think it comes because of society with all the different environments it has created.

What about you? Are you one ME? I discussed this recently with a friend. But we are still far from reaching a conclusion 🙂 Know why? Because I can’t use the mother-ME when I’m with my friend and I can’t use my crazy-ME when I’m with my children 🙂 Believe me, I’ve tried… but then I got a reaction from my teen daughter: Mooooom, stop acting weird… you’re too old for this 🙂 I must confess, that’s not something my friend would ever tell me, hihihi

But to come back to the rules. I failed to create one ME, so I will try it with creating my own rules! Hmmm… but maybe I should use different rules by different ME’s. I’ll keep you posted 🙂


PS “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” Carl Jung

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