I came across this quote on the internet :). All women know it’s true.

There is more woman talent in the world than we think. They are ambitious, have made their way to the top or are currently headed there. Unfortunately, they are not always visible.
I think it is important that woman talent is seen, and that they are given high-influence positions. I feel that women should be more open in showing their ambitions. When male recruiters are selecting candidates, they should dare to move off the beaten paths. I believe that women are on the same level as men are.
And particularly, they should give mom managers a chance! These top woman are really a role model to all of us. Talented women will streamline decision-making in companies, making decisions faster, better and give them more nuance.
Women are more inclined to agree with each other and they are good listeners. And yes, we talk a lot.  If we have to believe the men.
We want all women to think about their future, and to have them become financially independent as fast as possible. This is not self-evident for many women in many countries.
Women too are allowed to provide for their family and have their own career and future goals. I am a strong proponent in this!
Can you imagine how the typical masculine and feminine traits could trigger an amazing diversity debate in top management? Here’s a tip: use your feminine qualities to your advantage.

Lugera employs a lot of women… wooooow what a good sign!
Women can be more modest than men, this does come with the advantage that we always want to improve ourselves. On the other hand, this restrains us, because we are not showing what we are fully capable of. Lugera pays a lot of attention to this, through the excellent support of our coaches 
I believe you have to take a deep, hard look at yourself, and analyse your own effectiveness and learning process. This way you can find the top woman in yourself! Please do not forget, you are strong all the time, with or without high heels 

Want me to let you in on a well-known secret? Women are inherently better at multitasking.
That is why I believe women in senior positions are better managers and also because they are leading two companies: at home and at work, and it gives them a better sense of responsibility… yes yes yes….

PS The path to your goals is never a straight road, sometimes you must make a detour. And every single detour should be enjoyed


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