Have you ever considered which women have inspired you? For many of us, the first person to come to mind is our mother. And that’s sooooo true. After all, she is the first woman in your life and she has taught you everything she knew. On that same list, you would probably list someone famous, like mother Theresa, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Marie Curie and many others.

Recently, I tried creating my own list, besides just my mother 🙂 And I asked myself a question: is there a woman who can inspire me? I strolled into town and paid close attention to all women around me. It was amazing to see so many faces and eyes. I believe every woman carries with her a unique story. Our job is to find out what that story is, and if it can inspire us.

When I was little, I thought our neighbour looked weird. She had two daughters, one of whom had a disability. Now, years later, I understand that she only tried to make something positive out of her life and that she wanted to be strong for her daughters. She refused to show the outside world any weakness. Every mother has that strength. But we don’t often see it, because we put our own mother first!

My girlfriend is also an inspiring woman. Despite her three divorces, she has not given up and has always kept believing in love 🙂 I admire this, because after all that I have been through, I don’t quite have that same belief anymore. She has learned to no longer surround herself with negative energy. That is why she only accepts the positive energy from people around her.

Have you ever tried to unravel the life story of your neighbour, colleague or sports buddy? They each have a backpack with a story inside it. Some backpacks will be smaller, others will be larger. I think these backpacks allow them to decide their own fate and future. I really believe it pays off to find new inspiration in women who you still know nothing about.                                                                                                                                    And you know what? These women don’t even have to be more ambitious than others, but they have a passion and drive to do something, and a clear purpose in life.

So I would say, get off that couch and give it a shot! Don’t fear the unknown!

I have done it… I approached a homeless woman. I was interested in her story. I must confess that I found it quite exciting 🙂 Due to no fault of her own, she has lost everything. Her husband, children, job and her home. But still she managed to be loving and she was happy that I listened to her. And the conversation we had was amazing! So yes, she too inspired me. To have so many setbacks and not give up. And the fact she still has a positive outlook on life, wooow!

It is great to hear and see how women follow their own feelings and intuition in their own way and what makes their hearts happy.

PS Use your talents and skills to inspire people!


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