I read somewhere that even for a Home office, you should dress nice. And I’m thinking… oops. Here I am, in my shabby sweater or pyjama. Thankfully, this has little effect on my performance. But I do understand that wearing shabby clothes can be of negative influence. If you start noticing this, put on a nice dress, look in the mirror and say: “I love me”, and you’ll be ready for a successful day with lot of love!

What bothers me is that women underestimate themselves, and that’s unfortunate. Women are powerful, they have ambitions, dreams, wishes, but they also have a past, with moments that were either beautiful or not-so-beautiful. And not least, women have that mystical female intuition. Women are unstoppable once they have their eyes set on something. They work with amazing passion and effort.
I feel this is an important reason why more companies should give women an opportunity to work in top management, especially mums. Combine this with a Home Office, and you have a super flexible female manager working for you, who feels comfortable and knows how to balance her life. They can use that energy and happiness in their work.
And not to mention the y can inspire all colleagues!

Mom managers who work from home are less afraid to take action in the organisation and it increases overall effectiveness and efficiency. Particularly when they have successfully balanced their work and private life.
I have seen many lows, and I have always climbed out of them I moved on with my life, and what matters most is that you believe in yourself, enjoy what you’re doing and have the right balance.

Work-at-home mom managers benefit from having enough room to use their own working style. They benefit from there being harmony in the work-private life relationship. This allows her management talent to further develop. The employer is responsible for the working conditions of the staff, and that

applies equally to the conditions of out-of-office working managers. They can follow up with questions like: does the desk meet the statutory norms and individual needs of the employee? Is there sufficient lighting to read? Is the work environment sufficiently separated from distracting circumstances?

I can easily see how less face-to-face communication makes it more difficult to catch signals when processes need improving. That is why the relationship between the organisation, managers and employees has to be based on trust. The employer and employee must establish clear agreements. The employer needs to make various resources available to the Home office mom manager.
The most important conditions that allow you to work at home are a permanent access to internet and telephony, so you can solve arising issues immediately. IT developments enable a lot these days: online appointments, meeting with co-workers. That is why the New Way of working / Home office is a serious recommendation to all mom managers!

PS As long as you believe in yourself, you can do anything ♡ And always stay true to yourself!

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