This is the future, because location and time are becoming increasingly important. Meetings can only grow more efficient and effective by smart working and smart meetings.
Our working environment is digital and we should use that to our advantage. Home office is at number 1. 🙂
Productivity and efficiency go up, and overhead costs go down.
My home office will also please environmentalists, less commuting, less air pollution and less road casualties.

As far as I’m concerned, all working moms with a Home office should be wary of one danger … more overtime.
Proper Time Management is therefore essential.

You get to plan your own schedule, wow, how amazing! Just perfect for a working mom. No one will check how often you walk into your kitchen, and you won’t get that funny look when getting another cup of coffee. No one controls your work rate. Soooo… go ahead, grab another cup of coffee and hum to the sound of your washing machine. Because you’re doing your laundry at the same time …  🙂

This flexibility allows us to make choices that we previously couldn’t make. Like taking the kids out of school and finishing work in the evening, instead. More freedom.
But there’s a downside to the New Way of working – Home office. Everyone will expect you to either always be available or always at work. Therefore, what is most important is that you clearly set boundaries in your balance between work and private life.
Time management is entirely your responsibility. Your work and private life must be well-organised.
The new way of working – Home office is ideal for moms who are looking to combine their work and private life in their own personal way. Basically, the division between work and private life disappears automatically. They intermingle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are struggling with your work and private life balance, there are some measures to take.
For instance, you could set up a workspace where you are to be left undisturbed by your family, or get a separate phone for work.
The employer and employee must have one thing in common, and that thing is trust.

Here are some tips for you to efficiently work in your Home Office:
* Establish a quiet workspace
* Take a step back every now and then. This will give you better insights and fresh ideas
* Set your own priorities
* Try to plan ahead so you do the most important things first
* Don’t stay seated when you taking a small break. Go for a walk, or if it’s raining, walk up and down the stairs 
* Impose limits: like not checking work-related mails, apps or texts in the evening
* Stick to a proper end-of-working-day and physically clean up your workspace
* Get a good night’s rest


PS As I’m writing this with my work email in the background… I am doing my laundry and the chicken is in the oven :-)


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