Excellent recruitment is having every small detail in the process being done in a great way. Yet, there are some major success determinations

. These are:

  1. A minimum of 400 calls per month
  2. A minimum of 400 e-mails per month
  3. A minimum of 80 interviews per month (f2f, skype, phone, you name it)
  4. A minimum of 20 candidate introductions per month

Let me share with you a story about Lubos (the LU of Lugera).

I came from a meeting with Emerson and they needed a plant manager for one of their divisions. On my way back I called Lubos, told him the profile and he had immediately 6 great candidates in mind. Within 3 days the client received 3 excellent candidates. The hiring decision was made within 2 weeks.

How come Lubos had immediately 6 great candidates in mind?

Easier than you think:


Lubos had 2 specializations: Management vacancies in production and management vacancies in Human Resources.


He interviewed as many candidates as he possibly could. He built an incredible big network of candidates. He interviewed candidates when he had vacancies, and most importantly, he interviewed candidates when he didn’t have vacancies.

And he interviewed between 30 to 40 managers in production and HR every week. 

If you are a recruiter and you think that you can be awesome but just doing around 10 interviews per week or less; you are losing opportunities, which is a big pity. The good news is: if you currently have 10 interviews and you start doing 40, you will triple your income! How cool is that?

DO THIS > Create a BIG network of candidates within your specializations and you will enter recruitment heaven. And that is a great place to be.


If your network already consists of many 1000’s of candidates within your target group and you personally know most of them, your number of personal interviews will drop as you can handle many vacancies over the phone.

Do you want to challenge this statement? Please do so! Make yourself heard and please share your recruitment intelligence with us.

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