Some time ago I addressed to our recruitment team in Bucharest. The reason was some turmoil, where some of our colleagues resigned and some others were asked to leave our company.

I shared with the team why I started Lugera, what we stand for as a company, what it is we expect from our recruiters both professionally and personally. What I think is important for all our colleagues to know and some more things…

Why We Exist

We want to help as many people as we possibly can to get a better job. We are going to help 75,000,000 people and so far we have helped more than 700,000.

How Will We Reach The 75 Million?

We do this with our totally help driven attitude, being innovators in HR technology and having a deep understanding that innovation is key! Through 4 services: Permanent Staffing, Temporary Staffing, Payroll & Outsourcing.

Star Quality in Recruitment

Lugera, GIT and Adecco Russia & Ukraine, we stand for STAR QUALITY IN RECRUITMENT. I don’t accept any compromise on this. Our aim is STAR QUALITY. And everybody joining one of the Lugera Group of Companies is committed to strive for STAR QUALITY.

You owe star quality to yourself

I told the recruiters that they don’t have to reach Star Quality for me. Nor for the company. They owe it to themselves. Reaching Star Quality in any business you are working in you are doing exclusively for yourself. And for nobody else. I think that if you decide to take a job, that you should do this job to the very best of your ability. Because this makes you feel great. It gives fulfillment. It gives you validation and acknowledgment. It encourages you to do even better and more. You can do your job lousy or average, and it will make you feel lousy and average. And you don’t want that. You want to feel great. You want STAR QUALITY.

You Are Made For Star Quality

You are not made to be average. You are made to be outstanding. But, outstanding means much more blood, sweat,

and tears. And that is maybe why so many people choose to be average. But NOT if you are going to join Lugera, GIT or Adecco Russia and Ukraine. If you are with us you have no other choice than challenge yourself to the maximum and be every day better than yesterday. Once you are with us you have decided and you are committed to STAR QUALITY in RECRUITMENT. No compromises accepted.

Why Are You In Recruitment?

When you start your career and you have joined us you might not know what recruitment is all about. Most graduates, joining us have a very romantic view of what recruitment is and when they find out what it all is about they come to the conclusion that this is not what they expected. They all want to work with people, they say. But when they have to call to 53 companies, 412 candidates, interview 126 candidates they think this is too much of the people stuff. You have to think twice before you take a job as a recruiter. it is a very difficult job. It requires a lot of learning, a lot of time and it is absolutely NOT a 9 to 5 job. You need to be flexible: candidates and clients want to communicate with you when it is convenient for them, not for you (they don’t care what is convenient for you). And this means that you have to answer your phone in the evenings and weekends for example. So before you join our company: set your goals, short-, mid-, and long term goals. Recruitment is the greatest profession in the world for us, but not for everybody and if you don’t like it entirely, you won’t be successful and you won’t be happy.

We have the toughest KPI’s and we like that

I found that we compromised on the KPI’s we have set and I promised the recruiters to increase the KPI’s to our STAR QUALITY STANDARDS. The great thing is that this will enable you to reach WORLD STAR QUALITY in Recruitment. I also shared with our recruiters, and they are a wonderful and lovely bunch of great women and men, that they don’t have to feel discouraged by the sheer impossibility of reaching them. Because we will support them totally. We will give them all the possible tools, we will give them all the possible management support, we will give them all the possible training. What our colleagues have to bring is their commitment, ambition, and a great attitude. And believe me…when this is in place IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING ANYMORE.

The #1 priority in our strategy 2018: Champions Moving Forward

It is our top priority to increase the salaries of our staff in 2019 and 2020. And not only salaries but also bonuses. And to reach this we will create all possible tools and support for everybody. BUT, and there is one great BUT. We can set the environment, we can give you all the tools, we can provide you with all the know-how, best-practices but you have to do it. You have to take all the necessary action. It won’t happen without your total commitment and dedication.

So the big question is…are you with us and are we going to elevate ourselves to STAR QUALITY IN RECRUITMENT?

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