On my recruitment path to excellence, I asked many clients what it is they expect from their recruiters. This is the outcome:

My consultant is a very active person. She knows what she is doing, she is smart. My consultant is always extremely nice to me, helpful and if something goes wrong, my consultant always assumes responsibility, always takes the blame with a smile. She publishes regular articles on her blog which I’m reading and share with my colleagues. My consultant is very knowledgeable, sends me salary reports, gives me potential business links, shares with me interesting providers of services she thinks might be helpful for our company.

I always receive every week an update of the search project. She communicates in this up-date what she did, what she will be doing in the coming weeks, and when she thinks I will be able to hire the successful candidate. She also communicates the set-backs and problems and ALWAYS offers solutions. My consultant joins me when I interview candidates, advises me which candidate she think is best.

My consultant invites me for seminars, for workshops, introduces to me excellent candidates of which she thinks they might be great for my company, even if we don’t have a vacancy.

My Consultants shares with me the newest jokes about my industry, always is happy when I talk to her and she takes me out for coffee, dinners, and lunches.

She updates me if our competition is hiring or firing many people, she is my eyes and ears on the labor market.

My Consultant explains to me all the other services her company is offering and she is knowledgeable in this respect. She always has a solution for me with a big smile.

My Consultant knows very well all search tools she can apply and she always surprises me with her sources from where she get candidates. She told me she uses over 40 search tools and that is really breathtaking as other agencies only use the internet, advertising, and their database.

She also knows how to select candidates very well through desk selection, she can read very well in between the lines, she interviews excellent and when F2F with a candidate she gets all the information including salary and other essential information.

I noticed that her candidates just love her. Further, she taught me in a very nice way how to conduct a very good interview.

I just love my consultant. She always gives me the feeling that I am her only and most important client. But she has many clients.

This, my dear reader, is what it takes to be one of the best recruiters.

It is star quality in recruitment.



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