I can’t imagine a nicer job than recruitment. It gives us all the opportunity to help people get a better job.

We help people to enhance their careers. To make more money. To increase their skills. To enrich their working experiences. We give people freedom of choice. And independence.

On the other side, we help companies to get the people they need in order to meet their goals. To fulfill their plans. We help companies to increase their output, to lower their costs, to increase their profits.

How we can help our candidates to the maximum:

  1. To answer their e-mails and calls immediately,
  2. To have a full overview of all the possible jobs and employers which will be great for them
  3. To give them immediate feedback during the interview
  4. To give applications and career tips & advice
  5. To introduce them to other agencies if you think they make a better chance for a nice job over there
  6. To treat them the way you would love to be treated
  7. To mediate them the jobs they want
  8. To be knowledgeable about the company and the job so you can give accurate information
  9. To be totally friendly, warm and nice with the client
  10. To be always your beautiful self with every candidate

How can we help our clients to the maximum:

  1. To do the briefing in person with the client,
  2. To make an excellent Search & Selection plan for the vacancy and share this plan with the client,
  3. To answer all e-mails and phone calls from the client immediately
  4. To send the client at least once a week update of your search & selection progress
  5. When being faced with set-backs you call the client and you offer solutions
  6. To fulfill the vacancy faster than promised
  7. To fulfill the vacancy with an excellent candidate
  8. To fulfill the guarantee vacancies without any delay
  9. To be totally friendly, warm and nice with the client
  10. To be always your beautiful self with every client

There is of course much more… and if you’ve got what it takes to be such a recruiter than please consider to join our company in one of the countries we operate in (AM, BU, CZ, RO, RU, SK, UA).

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