We are so busy that this implies that all our recruiters have all the opportunity to be major successful. They are having all the vacancies they could dream of to work on and the very best jobs available for their candidates.

And most of our recruiters are doing a pretty decent job. We are having quite a junior team but their results are more senior than junior.

But still, the team could do much, much more and what is it that holds them back?

  1. Thinking that placing 3 to 4 candidates per month is the maximum (but the top 10 recruiters in our Slovak office do 8 to 12 placements per month and these vacancies are not easier, their labor market is not easier)
  2. Our Ukrainian recruiters can have an extra bonus if they do 12 placements per month. Their salary can reach 3,000 euro gross per month. But because not everybody believes this can be achieved, they don’t achieve it…
  3. We teach what has to be done to reach 12 or more placements per month. But because the believe is there that it is not possible, nobody takes the necessary action

To me this means that it is not the environment or the market conditions which hold us back from being highly successful but it is our attitude, our limiting beliefs which make us under perform.

To reach 12 or more placements per month is not that difficult. We have analyzed what must be done and if a recruiter is doing all of this he or she will reach 12 placements or more per month:

  1. Making and posting job banners for all social media
  2. E-mailing the job into the recruiters network
  3. E-mailing to all qualifying candidates in your database
  4. Making a search & selection plan and sharing this with the client
  5. Making a detailed, hour by hour, action plan for the entire week (planning 100 phone calls, 100 e-mails, 20+ interviews, 10+ candidate introductions to your clients, all e-mails answered at the end of the day….)

There is of course more to it but if you do this you will reach 12 or more placements per month. And if you don’t reach this number I am sure that you don’t do all these things.

It is like in the 10 word staffing story: if you start to regard every obstacle as an opportunity, if you can leave your emotions out you will be immersed in success and happiness.



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