I know many talented hard working sales people. They run around from one client to another, they call, they meet, they e-mail.

They do lot’s of stuff. They are very busy. Hard working. Some having nice results, but most of them not really…

How is this possible? They are passionate, active, having great intentions.

Most sales people don’t pay attention to 5 very simple things:

  1. They don’t have a prospect list of at least 400 companies
  2. They don’t have identified at least 10% of those prospects to be HOT TARGETS, companies to become their clients still this year
  3. They don’t study sales on a daily base
  4. They do not read all the books from Jeffrey Gitomer
  5. They don’t receive tips/they are not subscribed to https://www.gitomer.com/

And if you don’t do these 5 very simple things you just will always have miserable sales results.

The good news is: SALES IS VERY EASY

You only have to make a solid prospect list of 400+ companies with company name, contact person, e-mail address and telephone number. To identify around 40 prospects you want this year as a client. And you start contacting them. Giving them value. And they will start buying from you.

Is it that simple? Yes it is!

Good luck,


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