Game Changers in the Recruitment Industry – join the event in Budapest, October 2, 2018

Our first official partner for our game-changing recruitment applications is Diepeveen & Partners in Hungary. These applications are the driving force behind the digital transformation of the recruitment industry. On October 3 both applications (STAA and the New TalentBase) will go life and you can be the witness of it. Save the date and join this spectacular event!

Both STAA and NTB                      are breathtaking. They are the beginning of a new era in recruitment. All the people who have seen just a glimpse of it say that it is magic. It is recruitment magic.

For every country in the world (NTB and STAA operate in all the languages of the world) we are looking for a Country Partner. If you are in the recruitment business, are tech savvy and you think you’ve got what it takes to successfully introduce state-of-the-art applications than e-mail me:

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