Ambitious juniors, mediors and seniors join us in Kiev and Lviv because:

  1. we’re having the best clients in Ukraine
  2. because we are working for the best clients in Ukraine we can attract the best candidates
  3. we pay 100% WHITE SALARIES, most other agencies do grey or black salary schemes and you don’t want that
  4. we are a loving, smiling, caring, pro-active team of colleagues
  5. we are having the best Recruitment Manager in Kiev (and probably in the world)
  6. our General Manager is an ANGEL
  7. our Sales Guy is Dmytro and he is totally cool
  8. our partners bring cookies, waffles, croissants > like all we can eat:-))))
  9. your future recruitment colleagues are doing 4 to 8 placements per month
  10. because they are so good you would love to join them, being with the best pays off:
  11. you can earn 90,000 UAH gross per month while On Target Earnings
  12. JOIN us

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