A recruiter has an exciting life. The recruiter helps people get a better job. How cool is that? A recruiter helps its clients to run their businesses more smoothly, better, more profitable, with more output, less cost….. Recruiters have a grateful job. Candidates love you, clients love you. And we, at Adecco Ukraine will love you too if you decide to join us.

Successful recruiters are help-driven, pro-active, 24/7 available:-), hard-working, flexible, smiling, positive, persistent, goal-oriented, self-motivating, loving themselves, totally ambitious, relentless, massively happy and fun to be with.

You can make 90,000 UAH gross per month or more if you are On Target Earnings.

And you know what is totally cool.

We are a totally white* company. We are probably the only agency in Ukraine which is paying 100% of your wage tax and social contributions and company contributions.

*white means in Ukraine & Russia that the company pays all its tax obligations, meets all the legal requirements. Many staffing agencies in both countries are referred to as ‘black’ and ‘grey’. These companies don’t pay taxes and contributions at all or are doing ‘tax optimization (=grey) which means they pay some taxes but not all

And that should be very important to you. We are totally and 100% tax and legal compliant.

Here under you can see the bonus and earning structure….

Another great advantage to joining Adecco Ukraine: we are totally transparent.


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