@ Adecco in Ukraine (member of the Lugera Group of Companies) we are hiring 60 recruiters this year because our business is booming.

We think that you, working as a Call Center operator might have the skills and motivation to become a STAR QUALITY recruiter. And not only because you can get….

a monthly gross salary of UAH 90,000 OTE

….and OTE means: On Target Earnings…so if you reach your targets you will make so much money. Cool huh?…

Warning…you’ll only reach this if you are totally motivated and committed to decisive action. You can’t achieve these extra ordinary results with an average attitude doing average working hours.

How can you reach it? By doing at least 6 placements per month (means that you fulfill 6 vacancies at our clients per month).

We are having an extraordinary great bonus system. And remember, we are probably the only WHITE agency in Ukraine which means that we pay ALL necessary social contributions and taxes. Which is very important for you.

If you like this, if you like to work hard and smart and to achieve a lot…join us and send your CV to our wonderful CEO in Ukraine: Anastasiya.





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